What to Bring to TMI

When you get ready to pack for TMI, start here for a list for what you will need:

Audition packet for your chosen TMI major and come with appropriate clothing / prepared audition materials as listed (ex. Drama, Dance, and Musical Theater majors must bring black t-shirt, long black pants, plain flat black shoes; Dance majors must also bring modest/comfortable rehearsal attire and dance shoes (jazz and/or ballet) 
• Bible and notebook (with pencils or pens) 
• Brass instrument (Brass/Instrumental Leadership Majors)
• Casual & modest clothing for daily wear (no short shorts or strapless / halter tops) 
• Swimsuit (no bikinis) 
• Salvation Army summer uniform (dark trousers or skirt and white short-sleeved shirt or blouse with dark shoes) Note: Uniform will be worn two times. Those without a uniform should bring dark long pants / skirt and a white short-sleeved shirt or blouse
• Jacket or sweater
• Extra Shoes
• Twin-size bed linens / blanket or sleeping bag and a pillow.
• Bath towels / beach towels
• Personal Toiletry items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) 
• Prescription medications (Note: Delegates under the age of 18 must turn in all medications to the camp nurse upon arrival at TMI) 
• Money for canteen and other purchases
• Completed Health / Permission to Treat form (Minors and Adults) (download
• Completed Permission / Waiver form (Minors and Adults) (download
Optional: flashlight, raincoat, umbrella, sports equipment